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Strategic Communication


STR Ltd was founded in 2001 by its two main partners Dr. John Loulis and John Dimakis. It specializes in formulating a communication strategy and then supporting its implementation: (a) it initially constructs the communication strategy, based on in depth research. And (b) it offers support and guidance in the implementation of the chosen strategy.

Experience & Expertise

STR has formulated and implemented the strategy of well known business companies and organizations in Cyprus and Greece in areas of:

·        Banking

·        Construction

·        Real Estate Development

·        Medicine and pharmaceuticals

·        Information and Communication technologies

·        Tourism

·        Finance & Tax advisory services

·        Radio Broadcasting

·        Nutrition Business associations

·        Automobile representatives / importers

·        Government Ministries and Agencies

·        Non – governmental institutions (e.g. The Church, Chambers)

·        Major law-firms

·        Multi diversified groups of companies

In the field of political communication STR has been involved in:

·        Parliamentary elections, for leading parties in Greece and Cyprus

·        Presidential campaigns in Cyprus and Rumania

·        Euro – elections in Greece and Cyprus

·        Campaigns for prominent individual candidates, in parliamentary and municipal elections, both in Greece and Cyprus

Finally, STR has extensive experience in organizing and conducting seminars in crisis communication management, communication techniques and TV training for businessmen, prominent public figures, leading politicians, executives.


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